New Online Shopping Strategies

By: Ariel Lobo

Google Express, a same day concierge service, has begun making deliveries in the Boston area. After first being tested in San Francisco and other major cities such as New York and Chicago, Google can finally offer what their competitors Amazon and Ebay have to offer, but with a much smaller shipping fee. Imagine you are working late and will not have time to buy your groceries for the evening. Google express offers a service in which you can purchase all of your daily necessities online and have them delivered that same day. It offers consumers a convenient and simple way to tackle their daily tasks in just minutes.

Many companies have decided to partner with Google Express such as: Costco, Babies R’ Us, Staples, Stop & Shop, CVS, Barnes&Noble, and Walgreens just to name a few. Not only does Google Express benefit its consumers, but also helps the companies they have partnered with by limiting the companies that consumers can purchase products from based on their partnerships, thus creating more marketing and advertising for their partnered companies.

I believe more companies should adopt this mode of business as it is a strategic method of marketing in such a technological era. For a generation that is so reliant on technology, Google Express could be a great advancement for the online shopping industry. To do all of your week’s shopping on the phone or on the computer at work makes for an interesting future in how consumers purchase their products. It is the right step to take in a company such as Google doing this instead of companies deciding to provide their own same day delivery system because with Google being a huge company it will connect the consumers to their everyday suppliers more rapidly and at a bigger scale. Online shopping has become a big market and having Google provide this service is, in my opinion, a step in the right direction for the future.

This is relevant to marketers because it presents a different opportunity for the company to market and advertise its name. For companies to be affiliated with Google not only raises their credentials, but Google’s as well. For the current moment, Amazon is leading the internet in product searches, and with a simple Google Express logo located on a store’s windows and website it will increase Google’s search engine. It gives Google an edge because it provides very cheap shipping prices compared to other online shopping giants. If this takes off, the possibilities are endless. Google is also researching ways to make their deliveries with drones and driver-less cars.

In conclusion, I believe that there is a lot of potential in the online shopping industry and same day delivery service that Google is trying to provide, and I believe that it should and will be the future of our shopping behaviors. People will look towards companies affiliated with Google to make their purchases and to have them waiting for them as they get back from work.


8 thoughts on “New Online Shopping Strategies

  1. Paige Gilbert February 4, 2015 / 12:18 am

    I think Google is taking into consideration of the era of technology and what the people want. Once we order something online nobody likes to wait the standard 5-7 days, what Google is doing is taking advantage of the consumer by saying if you buy through us we can get the product to you the same day. This will be revolutionary because once we have the option to get a product in one day we will no longer want to go through amazon and eBay and have to wait or pay 3 dollars more in order to get our product. Google has a positive brand recgonition which will provide trust in the relationship between the consumer and provider, making it a more trustable source.
    Another way I would look at this if I were Google would to direct the advertisement also towards college students who do not have access to cars on campus, thus cannot go out grocery shopping etc.


  2. John Vallerand February 4, 2015 / 10:58 pm

    The decision that Google is making to enter the market of online shopping I would agree is a huge step for the company. I’m really intrigued with the idea that they offer so many person services for same day delivery like groceries. Also another advantage that they are going to have is that they are “Google” and have a strong brand name, which well help them flood the market and be able to take control of the online industry in the future. One more positive thing that I agree with is the idea of trying to introduce drones to make more efficient deliveries.


  3. Chris Lantagne February 5, 2015 / 2:51 am

    The thing that interests me about this whole new way of shopping is of course, how eBay and Amazon will respond. However, I’m more intrigued about what will happen say, 5 years from now. I envision this taking off and can see drones delivering products. Pretty soon the majority of our shopping will be done online. For some, that’s already true. I’m interested in the new shopping habits that will arise. I take it with the majority of shopping being done online in the future that people will be more cautious. Meaning, they’ll be looking to save. Will they be spending more or less money than shoppers now? If they’re looking to save then what do they plan to do with the extra cash? How will this form of shopping affect the economy as a whole? It could be potentially harmful to small businesses. In 5 years time these questions would be answered, but it’s just interesting to me to think about the new habits of consumers that will develop with this new form of shopping.


  4. Skye Stewart February 9, 2015 / 5:12 pm

    Today, I think that it’s important to be creative, but a lot of us are still stuck in our ways so I don’t see Google Express taking off so rapidly. I do agree that it will be apart of our future as consumers, but this is something that would be completely hard to switch over to. To me, it seems like it would be just as easy to go to a store and get what I want. Not everyone wants to be stuck on their phones all the time, especially at work where a lot of jobs require that you stare at a computer or phone screen all day. This is something that would have to be marketed as the greatest thing in the world for people to use it. There will be people who do, but it will take a while for it to become extremely popular. I think it’s unique and creative but it would definitely take some time to get used to!


  5. Meghan Saldutti March 30, 2015 / 11:25 pm

    Online shopping has become very popular in the past decade. It is an easier way for people of all ages to purchase items online instead of taking the time and the effort to go out and buy them. That being said, I agree that Google Express is a great idea and could have a lot of potential in the shopping industry. This could really change the way people go about their daily lives.


  6. Michael Scuderi April 27, 2015 / 11:37 pm

    Online shopping has restructured the way people get the things they order. Google Express is stepping up in this field because they know how lucrative this could be for their company. If you even look over seas at Alibaba in china that completely changed china and is now one of the biggest E-commerce company in the world. The internet is constantly changing the way people do day to day tasks, so why wouldn’t you order your food on line and save a lot of time in your day. I believe 20-30 years down the road you will see this branch of the company take off because people are going to just become lazy and find it easier and more pleasurable to get their food ordered on line that will be delivered that same day.


  7. Ariel Lobo April 29, 2015 / 12:57 am

    Having worked for this service, I can honestly say this service that will benefit all who want to partake. It just makes shopping so much easier. The system in which it works is so simple. The order comes in, the store operator receives the order on a phone, and is then picked and packaged and then given to a courier who delivers it to your house the same day. It is so convenient that I feel like everyone should try it for goods they wish on receiving on a lazy day or do not have the time to get to a supermarket.


  8. Charlie O'Connor May 7, 2015 / 9:36 pm

    I agree with Ariel, there certainly is a lot of potential in the online shopping industry and same day delivery service that Google is trying to provide, and it probably will be the future of our shopping behaviors. I can’t stand going to the mall, parking, walking what seems like miles just to go to a couple of choice stores. Esp having every store imaginable right at my figure tips. Google has a great strategy going here with same day delivery. I hope it works out for them. It actually makes me think, what’s going to happen to malls if this catches on any more than it has. I should do some research on the financial hit malls have taken since online shopping started.


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