Chipotle: A Winning Recipe

By: Ryan Zdanwich

When it comes to Fast Food restaurants, it is clear that the general concept is viewed as “unhealthy”. Since Chipotle is considered a Fast Food restaurant, I agree with their focus on separating themselves from all other Fast Food restaurants. The introduction to any new Fast Food restaurant isn’t as appealing to the human appetite as much anymore because consumers believe that the only benefit of them is their “convenience”. For example, I will drive to my classes in the morning and will only have time to eat breakfast by stopping at a local Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds, etc. I believe that there are plenty of other healthier options for my consumption, but I know eating fast food for breakfast will keep my on time for my classes. Therefore, entering the fast food industry, Chipotle made a great approach upon their entry. Come to think of it, there has never really been any healthy view on Fast Food until Chipotle came into effect. The idea of eating with convenience and also being healthy, in my opinion, is one of the greatest forms of food service appealing to the human mind.

Since television and social advertisement is beyond expensive for any business, it is smart to revolve their marketing strategies around first hand entertainment and also opportunities to learn about what people are actually consuming. It makes sense to me that almost all other fast food companies don’t reveal what their products consist of because they aren’t healthy or appealing. For example, most people don’t view McDonald’s as possessing “real” food, including myself.

I think this type of fast food matters because you can actually feel half-decent after consuming food from Chipotle, unlike McDonalds or Burger King. Also, people are happy when they feel healthy, and this type of fast food will allow people to recognize that not all fast food is bad and unhealthy. I also think this will impact the Fast Food industry nationally. For some Fast Food Restaurant chains, they focus on a certain strong goal that will never change, however I believe that many of the smaller companies will form their strategies based on that of Chipotle’s. Eventually, I think that the Fast Food industry will become healthier and more appealing.

In the long run, many companies may resort to a strategy similar to Chipotle’s, but I don’t think will ever become successful. The impact that Chipotle had on the fast food industry I believe was sort of a revolution of the epitome of a fast food restaurant. That type of change in the fast food industry is more likely to be more appealing and have a higher impact than a company using a similar strategy that isn’t different and more beneficial for consumers. Chipotle will most likely remain dominant in the fast food industry, regardless of other restaurants using the same strategy. Because Chipotle has that advantage, I believe that while other companies are basing their strategies on Chipotle’s, Chipotle will anticipate their impact and will spend time to research more opportunities to stay ahead of the game.

According to the article, the main focus of Crumpacker was the public view of a Fast Food restaurant and he wanted to reform it. While having the benefit of bringing healthy food options to consumers, its revenue is increasing each year and is becoming dominant in the fast food industry. Crumpacker understands that his approach was unique and necessary for the life of humans and stuck to that ambition. He also anticipates that smaller, startup fast food businesses are forming their strategies based on his own, which allows him to create more opportunities for his business. Proving to people that his food options are healthy compared to other fast food options by showing the ingredients of each was one of his great ideas to persuade people to eat at Chipotle and he has developed trust with his consumers and has kept them happy.

In conclusion, Chipotle will only continue to become more successful each year. Their revenue increases significantly each year; in 2014, they had a 27.8% increase in revenue. Everybody notices the downfall of the unhealthy fast food restaurants, and Chipotle only creates a benefit and a change in outlook of fast food restaurants. Chipotle made a statement, created a specific goal which was unique and much needed to society, and followed that goal every step of the way.


10 thoughts on “Chipotle: A Winning Recipe

  1. Skye Stewart February 12, 2015 / 4:42 pm

    I believe that what Chipotle does works out really for their company and other fast food restaurants will most certainly catch on, if they aren’t doing that already. Of course fast food chains like McDonald’s put their calories on the menu, but they don’t put their ingredients- and that is what pushes customers away from even thinking about purchasing a meal at McDonald’s. I like your comment, “Proving to people that his food options are healthy compared to other fast food options by showing the ingredients of each was one of his great ideas to persuade people to eat at Chipotle and he has developed trust with his consumers and has kept them happy.” Even if McDonald’s were to put ingredients on their menu, people still wouldn’t buy it as much. McDonald’s has shaped their own reputation with unhealthy foods, while Chipotle, since the beginning, has given customers the opportunity to trust them. I do believe that putting ingredients on their menu isn’t the only or maybe even the main reason why Chipotle has been so popular and successful, though. Chipotle offers a different type of food- different from burgers, fries, and milkshakes. They offer something different, and they were the first ones to do so which, I think, contributes to its success.


  2. Lindsey Fratus February 18, 2015 / 4:13 am

    I agree with the comment above. Chipotle is offering something different from what we think of as conventional fast food, which has made them very successful. The company has also done a great job with marketing their product on social media. People are always tweeting to Chipotle and they respond to as many as they can, trying to keep the customers happy. They also offer free burrito days to draw in more people and get people to accept their healthy fast food as the next big thing.


  3. Blake Boudreau February 20, 2015 / 2:20 am

    In today’s society, especially our generation in particular, is making a movement of eating healthier food and limiting the amount of unhealthy fast food we eat. As McDonalds and other fast food companies are decreasing, Chipotle and Qdoba are prospering. Therefore, I agree with everything Ryan has said but I wanted to make a point that Chipotle arguably isn’t as healthy as its competitor Qdoba. “Qdoba Mexican Grill” is an organic fast food restaurant that for the most part offers the same options/services as Chipotle but all of its food from what I know is organic. Whereas Chipotle does offer organic food but not as much. I feel a lot healthier after eating Qdoba than I would if I were to eat chipotle. If Qdoba markets its company correctly I wonder if they will be able to surpass Chipotle? They’re both great restaurants but since our generation is becoming more “healthier” I wonder if they will start choosing Qdoba over Chipotle.


  4. Paige Gilbert February 21, 2015 / 6:32 pm

    I believe the healthy aspect of fast food is going to be trending and other fast food restaurants will attempt to become healthier as well, but some of the main fast food restaurants like McDonalds already have the reputation of being unhealthy so they might be affected by people wanting to make the healthy choice and going else where to get fast food. Over the next couple years i would predict that there is going to be other healthy fast food restaurants just more american oriented and that would really affect McDonalds or Burger King because of their bad reputation of having unhealthy greasy food.


  5. Jackie Lurvey April 15, 2015 / 7:10 pm

    I have never been a fan of fast food, which I think is a growing trend in society. But, though it is still technically fast food, Chipotle offers something completely different, and I think that is why they have been successful. Not only do they have slightly healthier options, they also are customizable and made right before the customer. This is very important because, as a customer, I can see how the food is cooked, decide specifically what I want in it, and specify how much I want, and see that everything that is going into my food is healthy. I think more companies will continue on with the example Chipotle has set and soon other fast food companies will have to make more significant changes.


  6. keelyn crowe April 28, 2015 / 12:27 am

    I think Chipotle really shows that fast food can be of good quality even though it is considered “fast food.” Although the prices are a bit higher for what you’re getting, people will pay that extra couple of bucks for a meal that is real. Knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body is something that definitely drives consumers to Chipotle rather than places like Wendy’s or McDonald’s where you don’t really know what’s in the meal that you’re eating.
    Although I’ve heard that there are a lot of calories still in Chipotle’s food, it’s nowhere near what you would be consuming at other places. Also, at least the ingredients are real and not processed at Chipotle. Society is demanding a healthier fast food option and Chipotle definitely delivers on that need!


  7. Briana Lynch April 28, 2015 / 2:09 am

    Chipotle took a very simple idea (real food) and made a great marketing strategy out of it. Chipotle seemingly tries to have an honest relationship with its customers and that’s what makes them an admirable company. Chipotle promotes itself as being “food with integrity” and through their actions and decisions they continue to prove that. For example, they recently took pork off the menu because the suppliers did not meet Chipotle’s standards for animal-welfare. Decisions such as this show how Chipotle cares about more than simply making a profit. This attitude is very attractive to consumers such as myself and I hope that other fast food companies start to follow Chipotle’s lead in this sense.


  8. James Wagner April 28, 2015 / 4:32 am

    Chipotle makes other Fast Foods look terrible. Chipotle has such a good reputation behind their back because all their materials are fresh and they make it right in front of you to ensure the freshness. I don’t even consider Chipotle to be a Fast Food restaurant because it is so far past other Fast Foods. Chipotle is all customizable which can make the healthy people eat healthy, and the calorie loving people can get as much as they want. Chipotle is putting other fast foods up for their money, Chipotle seems to be rising to the top of healthy and fast.


  9. Patrick Lynch April 28, 2015 / 5:54 am

    I agree that Chipotle looks better than other fast food companies, but I don’t know if they can keep up with their year to year sales, because I always notice something negative occurs from fast food chains which change peoples point nof view very strongly. When I look at McDonald’s I look at the pink slime and I’m offended by it, and I notice that it’s probably the same for every other fast food chain. Now I don’t know where Chipotle gets their food, and I have no knowledge of how they treat their meant, but one messup can ruin their perception by its customers. I believe that their will be some video or type of proof that shows how Chipotle is bad food. Their calorie intake per meal is worse than McDonald’s and if they have chains across the United States, then their meat and product will be treated the same like any other fast food chain. Only time Chipotle gets a big scandal on their food, and people lose their perception of Chipotle and stop buying their food.


  10. Brian Vatkevich April 28, 2015 / 8:49 pm

    chipotle’s very message is about serving good food to good people. And it stands by this, and it shows. By simply realizing people are willing to [pay more for higher quality ingredients in a market swamped with low quality food, chipotle was able to transform the fast food world into a completely new catergory: fast casual. This I believe will lead to a great big change in the way food in America is perceived as we slowly shift away from all fast food.


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