Herjavec Group: Expansion into the U.S. Market

By: Andrew Gerry

The Herjavec Group, a cyber-security firm based in Canada, has a lot to offer to companies at risk for, and already facing security breaches. It is their hope to expand their business into the U.S. market. The company’s tactics and shortcomings provide for an interesting struggle. While writing this article, I was able to hold an interview with a previous employee who worked beside Robert Herjavec, Owner and CEO. Conveniently, this employee is also my brother, Dave Gerry who provides an inside look at the company’s direction and inner-workings.

The Herjavec Group offers a steady monitoring of a company’s website and affiliated hardware in order to prevent security breaches, consulting after a breach occurs, along with an analysis of the system, as well as the promise to “Defend your Mission”. As their business grows, they look to the U.S. market for future success.

However, a dark cloud currently stands in the way of this quickly blooming tech company: this is, the expansion into the U.S. market. “The group is now rallying its third attempt into this market” (Dave Gerry). Robert Herjavec is constantly being met with cultural differences, a lack of brand recognition, as well as trying to adjust to the differences between the two markets.

Currently, they are employing tactics to overcome that obstacle. Press releases, for example, help to spread awareness for the need for this service. A combination of executive meetings with important customers and the commentary they receive from those meetings help them to advance in their shortcomings.

Pop culture attempts are also being leveraged through the hit TV show “The Shark Tank” to build brand recognition to its larger size in Canada.

In their final attempt, The Herjavec Group is attempting a positive strategy to acquire small companies to stimulate growth. This is a technique not used in the previous movements towards expansion.

“The threats to expansion are numerous. The American customer requires a more comprehensive security solution due to higher probability of a strong cyber-attack” (Dave Gerry). With that being said, customers that understand the need for this service want a trustworthy, well-known and established company. One that is able to protect them or assist in picking up after an attack. This is a HUGE threat for The Herjavec Group’s business.

Another issue this company faces is lack of American-native employees. This becomes a problem when facing customs while entering the United States, and is one seen by management to be “an unworthy investment” (Dave Gerry).

When one takes into consideration these various strengths and weaknesses, it is clear to see weaknesses seem to overpower strengths. However, with certain changes in marketing, hiring, and networking the opportunities are numerous. There’s clearly a market for this type of service in any country, especially with the constant threat of a hack.

A special thanks to my brother and Merrimack Graduate, Dave Gerry, for providing invaluable insight into his work experience as well as an understanding of the direction of the company.

3 thoughts on “Herjavec Group: Expansion into the U.S. Market

  1. Ryan MacLeod February 18, 2015 / 2:11 pm

    I find it interesting that someone as successful and powerful as Robert Herjavec is having difficulty entering the american market. But after reading your post and hearing what your brother had to say, it does make sense in that American’s would have difficulty choosing a foreign brand. Especially with something as sensitive and high-risk as a security provider for your businesses infrastructure. We always hear of large corporations being hacked and sensitive information being stolen. Just last week I had to cancel my credit card because someone in China somehow obtained my information. I feel like currently the IT security business is a tough one to be in. Maybe Herjavec should partner up with Mark Cuban and take the IT security world by storm?
    Great post!


  2. Brendan Sullivan February 19, 2015 / 2:14 am

    Hey Andrew

    This is a very interesting post because I feel cyber threats can become a huge issue now and more in the future. I am sure we have all heard of the recent Sony hack. If a large American company such as Apple gets hacked they are at a huge risk. They could lose lots of money the share price will drop and who knows how much information one hacker can steal. I did some research and they seem like a reputable company and they could provide valuable security.


  3. Michael Scuderi April 26, 2015 / 10:32 pm

    Think is a intriguing post because cyber attacks are becoming more and more real for Americans every day. I seam every time you turn on the new another big company such as target just as one example has bin hacked and everyone who has ever used a credit card are now all at risk. This is extremely alarming and since the world is becoming more social and more people are using the internet for their own gains I don’t see cyber hacking stopping anytime soon. This is why Herjavec’s business is so successful and he also draws a lot of awareness to him and his brand by appearing on Shark Tank.


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