Chobani Expands Into New Yogurt Products: Greek Yogurt Maker to Introduce Desserts and Dips

By: Eva Trinidad

When thinking about product development, one needs to have creativity on what that product will be. To develop a product, one needs to think about how to attract consumer’s attention and that can only be done by being creative and different from other products of the competition. That creativity comes from having a vision and knowledge of what are consumer’s wants and needs. By having the idea of expanding its yogurt products; the yogurt maker Chobani demonstrates that how creative and unique a company can become by offering a variety of products to consumers.

The article “Chobani Expands into New Yogurt Products” by Annie Gasparro talks about Chobani expanding its yogurt products by including desserts and dips as well as yogurts in different kinds of flavors. Chobani’s vision was to attract consumers and have them experience products that go “Beyond Breakfast” and start to enjoy a variety of other yogurt products that can be consumed at lunch and dinner time. With this expansion, Chobani not only envisions the benefits that consumers will have but also by having more products offerings Chobani has the opportunity to be more profitable.

During the summer and fall of 2014 Chobani introduced the “pudding like dessert in raspberry dark chocolate and dulce de leche flavors” envisioning that it will be a substitution for ice cream. Chobani also plans to include yogurt dips to attract consumers who like “hummus, guacamole and Greek tzatziki”. In addition to the desserts and dips Chobani will offer “full fat yogurt” as well that can be used to substitute sour cream and other cooking ingredients. Also Chobani will include yogurt mixed with oats to get the attention of people who eat oatmeal and protein bars.

In my opinion, Chobani has proved to have had creativity in the attempt to expand its yogurt production. The first thing that Chobani did was to look at what consumers like and from there create various products that will be an enjoyable substitution of other products. Consumers now will have a variety of options of things that they can eat; they will have the option of the dips which is intended to substitute hummus and guacamole. Also they will have the option of eating yogurt mixed with oats instead of only having single fruit yogurt. Since we live in a world where everyone likes different kinds of things it is good to have a many options of a product that we like. Also not only has Chobani expand its yogurt product options but it has also change the presentation of the product get even more attention of consumers. It is not only having a variety of options but also making it look appetizing and enjoyable to consumers that also helps.

I think that it was a great idea that Chobani went out of its comfort zone and tried to be different than its competitors. The idea of having a variety of products options for this yogurt maker company will attract consumer’s attention, and with that the company will benefit by becoming more profitable. Consumers like to see and experience different things so I think that Chobani’s yogurt expansion will have a positive impact to its consumers and the company as well.


7 thoughts on “Chobani Expands Into New Yogurt Products: Greek Yogurt Maker to Introduce Desserts and Dips

  1. Brendan Sullivan February 26, 2015 / 7:32 pm

    I think it is great for Chobani to enter into these new food markets. It reminds of Coca Cola and how they diversified into snacks and other drink options for consumers. Not all these drinks were soda. In fact they have juices, energy drinks, and flavored waters. If you want to increase your sales providing more products is one of the better ways. Perhaps Chobani can start some sort of brand loyalty with consumers. One way of doing this is providing consumers with coupons to provide them incentives to try their new product. I do think this will turn out to be a good move on Chobanis part.


  2. Zi Wang February 27, 2015 / 8:56 pm

    In my opinion, it is a very important factor that company should constantly innovate their products in order to better expand markets and attract customers. I definitely agree that Chobani think out and produce some new New Yogurt Products to attract new customers. First of all, as we know, everyone has their owe different taste and favor as well as many people like to try the fangle. Therefore, food company offered some single products and varieties is not able to meet customers’ requirement. Also, developing new products let company increase market shares and competitiveness.


  3. Sirisha February 28, 2015 / 3:38 am

    Interesting article and a great presentation. chobani’s products are organic and gluten free based well suited to people with food allergies. It’s one of the leading brand in yoghurt makers. Already it has an established market. In order to survive among yogurt competitors and maintain their market share value and a brand image . Chobani has to be innovative and creative in coming up with a new products such as adding chilled dairy deserts and frozen yoghurts to it’s portfolio .


  4. Yafen Liu March 1, 2015 / 5:41 pm


    Good presentation and interesting topic! Actually, I am a big fan of yogurt; no matter it is plain yogurt, fruit yogurt or probiotic yogurt. I would also try the hummus, guacamole and oats yogurt because I want to know whether Chobani would bring me surprise or not. I would buy them next time if it truly surprises me. Obviously, what consumers want is not only the varied products, but also the products with high quality. It is novel and useful that Chobani steps into new market and attract more consumers by expanding its product. The differentiation strategy Chobani figured out is profound. However, it still takes long time attracting loyal consumers. As short time consumables, yogurt should keep changing its flavors while keep its quality. Chobani needs to maintain its quality because there are so many competitors who could imitate the flavors easily.


  5. Sasha Letourneau March 1, 2015 / 7:32 pm

    Personally I love Chobani and am very excited that they are expanding. I think it is awesome that there products are gluten free because I can not eat gluten. By expanding I believe that the company will definitely attract more customers and more people will discover how awesome Chobani is.


  6. Linsey Walker March 2, 2015 / 8:31 pm

    Chobani is making a smart decision in expanding into these new product offerings because it is creative without moving too far away from what people recognize them as currently. By offering hummus and guacamole, they are going into territory that other yogurt companies have not, and they are also making innovative new products that have not been offered before by any company (yogurt with oats). While these decisions certainly show creativity, it’s also evident that Chobani is expanding into territory that makes sense given that they are a yogurt company; dips and yogurt are similar in some ways, and I think it is smart to be creative while still not straying too far from what they’re known for. This cautious creativity might be a sign of Chobani testing the waters to see if further expansion would work well for them, and I think it’s a good move.


  7. Skye Stewart March 4, 2015 / 10:08 pm

    I think it’s a really good idea for Chobani to come up with other flavors and types of yogurts that satisfy different people’s needs. I know that with yogurt, a lot of people either really love it or really hate it, so I think it’s smart that Chobani took the efforts to make sure they can reach others besides the typical Greek yogurt eaters. Although people who like hummus might not like yogurt, it was still worth a shot, because the people who like yogurt will most likely still like the new concepts of eating yogurt in a different design. This is a creative way to join other markets and come up with unique offerings for many individuals.


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