The Live-Scribe 3: Next Big Innovation?

By: Paige Gilbert

The Live-Scribe 3 is, right now, considered the next big innovation in writing, but this is debatable. There have been multiple models of smart-pens invented, but none of them seem to get into the media’s attention. Most of these models have common glitches and technicalities that actually make the smart-pen inconvenient, such as major spelling mix ups, short battery life and syncing issues. All of these issues were seen in the original Live-Scribe. Since Live-Scribe’s last product launch, Live-Scribe started a contract with Android. In doing so, they actually gained more attention from the media, because the improvements that are being made are significant compared to the previous models, and those of competitors. The Live-Scribe 3 corrected all previous issues and is now able to record lectures, play back notes taken, take pictures, and has more storage.

Besides Android giving Live-Scribe brand recognition and, maybe, some loyal customers, they are also working on an app and “dot paper” to make the Live-Scribe work more efficiently with other smart devices. The app will store all the notes and lectures in a time stamped order or by owners’ preference. The dot paper contains three options at the bottom of the page: record, pause and stop; just tap the desired preference with your pen and the device responds. Android and Live-Scribe’s product relaunch, which should be this spring, is taking a different style than that of their previous products. They are not just selling from their website, but they will be selling through larger organizations, such as: Staples, Best Buy, Apple, and major phone companies, instead of just directly through their organization. A major issue for Live-Scribe is that nobody knew who they were or what they made, so in order to spread awareness they have made online videos and demonstrations to show consumers what their product truly does. Of course, now being partners with Android is also helping them get more recognition.

Live-Scribe knows they have a certain target market, because not everybody needs a smart pen. Their main target market is college kids; this is because the product repeatedly references notes, but also needs access to a computer (so most likely students from middle- to upper- class families). Their second target market would be professionals that work in note taking environments who are looking for a device to save time and make more accurate and convenient notes. Being a college student myself, this product seems intriguing because when taking notes on a computer and having to make a diagram or draw an example, it is hard to do so quickly, but using Live-Scribe the image would just download into my notes automatically.

By Live-Scribe selling through retailers and their online retail store they are making a connection with their customers physically: consumers can go into a store and purchase a Live-Scribe from an accommodating sales person. Selling directly from a retail store can make the consumer feel more comfortable with their purchase because of the ability to physically see the product they are purchasing. This is a better method for Live-Scribe because more people will notice their product and know what the pen does. Live-Scribe’s different methods of purchasing makes the buying process more convenient for the consumer because of the two different marketing channels available to the consumer.


4 thoughts on “The Live-Scribe 3: Next Big Innovation?

  1. Lindsey Fratus March 24, 2015 / 12:30 am

    As a college student this would not be something I would be interested in buying. I feel that if i have a computer to type notes then I don’t need a smart pen. It is nice that it records lectures, but if I want to record what my professor is saying I can do that on my phone using voice memos. This reminds me of a smart watch, it does the exact same thing as a phone, but people still want it.


  2. Blake Boudreau March 24, 2015 / 4:54 am

    I would not use this product, due to the expensive paper that you have to buy for taking notes, the technical problems you may face when uploading the notes to your computer. Also, a key factor that would hold me back from this product is how big the pen is. Its substantially bigger compared to a pencil or pen that I would normally use. Although, I do think this is a innovative product but as a consumer I couldn’t see myself using this product.


  3. Patrick Lynch April 9, 2015 / 5:06 pm

    I would use this product if the paper was not expensive and the pen wasn’t so big. I think it’s a great idea, because I do like to write my notes out instead of typing them. If the price was reasonable and the pen was a normal size then I would be a potential buyer. I think it was smart that Live Scribe partnered with Android, because they are probably the second largest phone company. this could benefit both Android and Live Scribe if they fix the those small details, and start advertising more to college students and even young children.


  4. Lauren Moran April 28, 2015 / 3:22 pm

    I think that this innovative pen is an interesting concept. I do not think that I would spend my money on it but I think that for people who need this product, it would be very beneficial. The fact that you have to buy not only the pen but also special paper, it is expensive and may not always work. It would be a good idea for people who have learning disabilities I think to help them review what they wrote


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