Social Media Marketing Primer: Klout

By: Teresa Polli and Nicole Viselli

Klout was first launched in 2008 by founders Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran. It is served world wide to everyone who is interested; however, its main headquarters are in San Francisco, California. This company is made up of about 40 employees and its main slogan for the people that work for them, as well as the people who use this app, is “An App that is the standard for Influence.”

Klout is both an online site and an app that helps people become more effective on their social media networks. It optimizes your social media experience by giving you one place to manage all of your social media accounts, as well as giving you the option to schedule your posted media, which allows you to target certain audiences. By giving its audience a place to combine all of their social media, Klout attracts all users of social media. This social media site gives you the opportunity to find content that pertains to your interests, as well as share or create content of your own. When first downloading Klout it gives you an opportunity to pick numerous interest categories ranging from fitness, food, art, beauty, etc. Once you select a category you are provided with numerous subtopics that fall within it. After you choose your topics, your feed is officially

According to CEO Joe Fernandez, Klout’s goal is to help people understand their influence and to help leverage that influence. This influence is then tracked by a Klout score. A Klout score is a huge factor in why this social media platform is so successful. A Klout score ranges from 1 to 100, the higher your score is the more influential you are. Klout measures the size of one’s social network and then corresponds it with the user’s content to measure out the Klout score. To create this score, Klout uses Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Wikipedia. Your Klout score grows by the more networks you add to your page and the amount of engagement your content creates. Klout provides its users with a small audience, which creates optimal engagement. For example, your score would benefit more if you got 100
retweets from 10 tweets then getting 100 retweets from 1,000 tweets. It is important for users to create content that attracts their audience and creates this engagement, but it is important to explore and engage with other user’s content as well.

Klout is the only social marketing tool that enables you to impact every majorsocial network in one step. Powered by Klout Perks, businesses can  reach relevant, top influencers with products or experiences that drive awareness and favorability about your business. Klout has run over 500 different campaigns. From this, they have produced more than 10B pieces of branded content, for the world’s most successful marketers. Some of the most well known around the world in which they work with include: Nike, Sony, Microsoft, McDonald’s, GM, ESPN, Frito Lay, Disney, American Express, Pepsi, and Redbull.

The main influence of Klout is the ability to drive action. Through this application, you are able to share pictures that will trigger people to comment and like on the pictures. For example, someone may tweet a picture of a restaurant, people could tweet back and forth to each other saying how much they like the restaurant which in turn will trigger followers on your twitter page to want to go and try the restaurant. Social actions are signals from friends are peers in your own social networks have been a part of what you have been posting and having been very much influenced by what you post. From Klout the application, came Klout for business and Klout Perks. Klout for business came about in March 2013. Its purpose of this was to begin displaying business analytics that helped business and brand users learn about their online audiences. Klout Perks involves having companies paying the main company Klout for Perks campaigns, in which a company offers services or products to Klout users for free who match a predefined set of criteria. This pre-defined set of criteria include their scores, topics and geographic locations. This perks programs has been offered by Klout since 2010. In November 2011, about 50 partnerships had been established. Just about two years later in May 2013, Klout announced that its users had claimed more than one million Perks across over 400 campaigns.

4 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Primer: Klout

  1. Skye Stewart: Portfolio November 17, 2015 / 7:21 pm

    I think that Klout is perfect for small businesses as opposed to people measuring their own social media marketing scores. Considering that businesses already use platforms to measure their social media use, Klout seems a little different as it gives a score to people/businesses to let them know how they are doing. I think Klout could work well for professionals who have their own social media accounts (such as a journalist’s Twitter account, for example). In this way, professionals are able to measure their social media activities without checking in with the company they work for. Klout seems like another successful way to brand yourself and I would definitely consider using it in the future.


  2. Manikol Ouk November 17, 2015 / 7:34 pm

    I personally downloaded Klout to understand more about it. The apps offer a lot of article that’s related to your interest, and I find that very interesting because it related to our everyday work on marketing and social media. I think Klout is a great app for employer too because big marketing company can pay you to market their product if you are a big influencer.


  3. Marisa DeLuca (@marisa___deluca) November 17, 2015 / 7:42 pm

    I think that Klout is a great idea for business use, as well as personal branding use. But I don’t believe that it is very well known, and the company needs to find a way to market it to college students.


  4. Jules Amann November 19, 2015 / 7:25 pm

    It was really interesting to learn about Klout and how it works. I think this is going to gain a lot of attention now and in the future for people who work in the social media field because it displays how active they are on social media based on a score. Great presentation and great post to give a better understanding about the app!


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