One thought on “Sports & Leisure #Infographics

  1. Alicia March 1, 2016 / 8:07 pm

    I thought this article was really interesting because it is different from the other articles and I really enjoyed the infographics. I found the little facts about London to be reeky helpful because I am going to Ireland in May, so I appreciated the conversion of the American dollar to pounds. Also, I did not realize that Big Ben referred to the bell inside the clock tower, not the clock tower itself. I really liked the 2014 NFL Draft infographics too. I was not surprised to see that LSU had the most players drafted, with 9 players, or that the SEC was the top conference in the draft. However I was a little surprised to see that Notre Dame was ahead of Florida State and Ohio State. I would have guessed Florida and Ohio were slightly ahead.


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