Periscope For Social Media Marketers

By: Shane Pacheco & Molly Farrell

Periscope is an app that lets you live stream and broadcast appropriate videos to your followers and even people from around the world who would like to watch your broadcast for fun. The app which launched in March 2015 has about ten million total users and shows over forty years’ worth of video every single day, which roughly translates to 350,000 hours of content daily. When you are viewing a broadcast, you are able to “like,” “replay,” and provide “feedback” whenever you would like. When using Periscope, you do not necessarily have a continuous feed that you are able to go back and look at daily; instead, the broadcast you have shared is posted on the app for only 24 hours before it is taken down. Even though the broadcast is only up for 24 hours, anybody who would like to go back and view or replay it has the chance to before it is completely taken down. On the bright side, you are able to save the video you made yourself and therefore you are able to upload said video to a different social media platform. Since the app is owned by Twitter, brands are encouraged to promote their Periscope videos with paid tweets so that they are able to sell both the brand itself, and Periscope/Twitter as well.

Periscope is all about positivity and engagement. They want people to be happy and really share positive thoughts that are on their mind and positive happenings in their lives. To do this, Periscope creators came up with the idea of a “heart” button, which is the equivalent to a like button on other social media sites. Each time a viewer clicks the heart button, they are cheering the broadcaster on and telling them they would like them to keep going with their broadcast, which again shows the idea of positivity on the site. Also, while the broadcaster is creating their broadcast, viewers are able to share the broadcast to their friends if they are really interested in it. Another concept from the app is the concept of providing feedback. Viewers are able to connect with the broadcaster instantly, which then allows the broadcaster to engage with the viewer, which is the ultimate goal, especially if marketing from a business.

You are able to broadcast any type of video you want, and because there is such a variety of broadcasts, here are ten different groups that you may be a part of when it comes to broadcasting. 1) A journalist, including official news outlets. 2) The Citizen journalist, who are people who are not part of official news outlets that show breaking news as it is actually happening. 3) The pervert, who is on every single platform. 4) That guy staring into his fridge, who is the person trying to decide what to eat. 5) The Reviewer, who is the person that is reviewing a product live while answering questions from their viewers. 6) The AMAer, who answers questions on products they are already experts about. 7) The petrolhead, who broadcasts videos while driving around. 8) The cute pet, who just broadcasts about their own pets. 9) The drunk, which is pretty self-explanatory. Lastly 10) The copyright infringer, who broadcasts shows, concerts and so on that they should not be doing. Which one are you?

The users of the app are mainly men, while only 29% of Periscope users are women. One reason for this may be because, when using Periscope, you are able to see the location of the broadcaster, and that might make some potential female users uncomfortable. However, there are different business opportunities that come from the app itself, and not many companies are taking advantage of them right now. One advantage is that viewers are able to see the “real you.” What this means is that you are gaining more of a trust from your viewer base and hopefully gaining loyal customers from it as well. Also, since using the app is a form of real live engagement, companies have unlimited business opportunities and are able to showcase their ideas that much better. You are able to answer viewers’ questions right away and are able to also respond to their comments and concerns right away as well, which is a positive and negative idea. Positively, you are able to personally show your concern about how the customer views your product; but on the contrary, since it is real time, it may be harder to come up with a response that is thoughtful and shows your company in a positive light. Companies are also able to reach a whole new follower base, meaning that not everybody on Periscope has all of the original types of social media and may actually only use Periscope as their social media network. Companies are then able to market the brand differently to this follower base, compared to how they may market the brand on Facebook or Instagram.

Titles of your broadcast, like most articles and blogs, are one of the most overlooked items there are. When coming up with a title for your blog you have to be able to think of one that is going to catch the eye of the people you want to view the broadcast. You want to think of something catchy, but informative as well. When using the app, viewers are able to tap the screen during the broadcast, indicating that they like what you are actually talking about. The end result of tapping the screen is that the broadcaster receives a heart. When they receive a heart the broadcaster then becomes more popular and is able to receive more benefits and acknowledgements. So go out and make sure your titles stand out from those of other broadcasters and try to entice viewers to watching your broadcasts.

When using the actual app itself, you will notice the four different tabs at the bottom of the screen. The first is the tab that looks like a TV. What this does is show you the list of people you are following who have a live broadcast happening at that moment. It also shows you if anyone you follow has broadcasted within that 24 hour time frame. The next tab is one that looks like a globe and shows you people who are broadcasting all over the world at that exact moment. When in this tab, you can see two words at the top: map and list. When you are in the map section you can pick the specific area you would like to see the content originate from, rather than seeing a listing of all of the broadcasts being played at the moment. The next tab looks like a camera and that is where you are able to start your own broadcast. The fourth and final tab looks like three people, which is where you are able to search for people you would like to follow and also where you are able to see people who are trending on the site. In this tab at the top right corner you are able to see your own profile, which shows who you follow, the people who follow you, your broadcasts, and so on.

Each company may use Periscope in a different way. Some may use it to make a community, so that the people are viewing their broadcast are people that are loyal to their product and company. Depending on what the company may be promoting, the companies may want to make ‘how to’ videos so they are able to show how to use their product, rather than just reading how to use it. Some are using it as a podcast to create relationships with their audience by then asking them to send their email addresses so they can send them future information. They are able to stream live from special events to make the customer feel special by making them feel as though they are there as well. Also, companies can use Periscope to show new products coming out by giving the viewers a sneak peek and how to as well.

Periscope has created a new way for customers and businesses to interact. Businesses are able to live stream their own issues and ideas with their customers. For example, Coach is using the app to live stream fashion shows, the Yankees are using it to livestream their batting practices, while Taco Bell used it to create a mock preference to show their breakfast menu, and Nestle is using it to create scenes that look like summer to get people to buy their drumstick ice cream cones. Periscope is becoming a great marketing technique because you are able to broadcast completely live and you are able to show the viewers how real the company is and how you really do care about not just their business, but themselves as well.




9 thoughts on “Periscope For Social Media Marketers

  1. reganka March 8, 2016 / 3:15 am

    Periscope is a very interesting platform that I had never heard of previously. The overwhelming statistic that far more men than women are using this app can be advantageous for marketers to know. Whenever marketing occurs on this platform it should be geared toward men and products that men would likely purchase. Additionally, the use of this app by Coach to live stream fashion shows seems to be a great idea to make users aware of their events.


  2. cassidylebert March 11, 2016 / 12:31 am

    The idea of genuineness is a large part of building a brand and creating a network of loyal customers. I think Periscope is a great app for businesses to use to increase their transparency at a safe rate. Today’s society is driven by a very visual learning world so to be present on an app that highlights this ideal could be a good marketing strategy.


  3. Justin Flory March 16, 2016 / 1:46 am

    Periscope seems to be a great potential opportunity for marketers and businesses. Being able to live stream can help the company interact with its followers. Because Periscope is integrated with Twitter, you can reach a lot of people. When the New York Yankees stream batting practice and they tweet that out to their 1 million plus followers, that reaches a lot of people. Seeing that stream could lead them to watch the game or maybe interest them in getting tickets for an upcoming game.


  4. Meghan Gulbrandsen April 4, 2016 / 9:19 pm

    This idea of advertising and marketing on live stream sites seems like it would be a challenge to me. It is a new concept to me and one that I have never used before. It would be a good platform though in the sense that since it is a live stream people will feel like they are there and really engaged and involved in what they are watching.


  5. Samantha April 9, 2016 / 4:45 pm

    I have never heard of Periscope until this presentation. However, it has many users and I think it gives marketers a chance to get really creative. For instance, if you are trying to sell puppies, you could download the app and set up a device that would film the puppies playing in their playpen. Coach was very clever and Periscoped their fashion show because not everyone can get into a show. This allowed for people to see the new collection and connect with the brand. It allowed the user to feel apart of something without actually being there. Another place to use Periscope would be the Xgames, surfing competitions or a GoPro event.


  6. Andie-Jane Phinney April 18, 2016 / 6:22 pm

    As I said for Meerkat, I believe that Periscope is a great way to bring brand awareness for companies as well as market and show companies what they have to offer. Digital media has become so popular, and to have an opportunity such as Periscope gives you, I believe it brings the customer closer together to the company or the marketer because they can feel like they apart of what is going on. Whether it is a video of a surfing company showing surfers out in the ocean, or someone doing a how-to video, it allows the customer to feel as if they are there, and it brings such great interest. I really liked the ten different groups that you may be apart of when broadcasting. I truly love the video idea and allowing viewers to watch what is going on. It has become popular and very interesting. I feel that it can be very successful for companies if they find the unique ways to use the Periscope application.


  7. Colleen Flynn April 27, 2016 / 1:24 pm

    I was not very familiar with Periscope, but can certainly see the benefits to it along with some of the downfalls. I like the idea the company has about creating positivity and having the heart shaped “like” button feature. I think a lot of times in our society, we do not promote positivity as much as we could and it is refreshing to see a company committed to doing that. I also was surprised at the ratio of genders using the app. 29% female users seems really low to me. I think Periscope is one of the most lopsided social media apps I have heard thus far. Usually the male to female ratio is much closer than that on social media. I like the idea about the marketing capabilities though. I agree that a lot of businesses haven’t taken full advantage of Periscope yet, but the ideas mentioned seemed very promising. I liked the examples how the Yankees broadcast batting practice and Coach live streaming their fashion shows. The ideas seems very cool and an overall really promising app.


  8. Ronald Zampanti April 27, 2016 / 3:47 pm

    Visual media is becoming a dominant form of content sharing/marketing. Businesses can use other medias such as Twitter or Facebook to promote their videos on Periscope. They can give updates in regards to when a video will be released on Periscope. One con of this app is that videos are only available for 24 hours. So the content a marketer produces has less of a chance of being seen by a large number of people.


  9. Joseph Sanfilippo May 5, 2016 / 10:18 pm

    I had heard of Periscope before but didn’t really know what it was until this presentation. I think it is an interesting idea for an app, and businesses could benefit from marketing on this app. I think that businesses with a target market of males should really consider marketing on this app, since the majority of users on Periscope are male. Ronnie is right that visual content is taking over, so businesses should understand this and get into marketing on these apps.


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